Directorate of Elementary Education, Haryana, Panchkula issued Inter District Transfer Policy for District Cadre Teachers i.e. Head Teachers, Primary Teacher/JBT, C & V (Classical & Vernacular) Teachers working on regular basis in Elementary Education Department of Government of Haryana.


The District Cade Teacher i.e. HT/PRT and C & V Teachers working on regular basis in Elementary Education Department, Government of Haryana, cannot be transferred out of their districts under general transfers and remain at their allotted districts for the whole of their service. However, some teachers due to their peculiar circumstances are facing hardship in their life, this policy for their inter district transfer is being framed by the department.
Haryana Inter-district Transfer Policy 2015
Haryana Inter-district Transfer Policy

Eligibility for Teachers : -
Only those district cadre teachers i.e. Head Teacher/JBT(PRT) and C & V Teachers working on regular basis I elementary education department of government of Haryana as mentioned in clause no. 3 of this policy, shall be eligible for inter district transfer, if vacancy in the relevant category is available in the new district, subject to fulfillment of all other terms and conditions as mentioned subsequently in the policy.

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