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Top 6 Coolest Government Jobs Which You Never Thought Existed

Although government jobs are considered a safe bet owing to their stable nature and the job security that they offer, these jobs are mostly viewed as boring, monotonous, and for the less adventurous. However, this is not true as there are a lot of interesting and exciting job opportunities out there in government departments also. Here are 10 cool government jobs that you will wish to apply to any given day. 

While everyone knows that a Government job comes up with unmatched perks like lifelong employment and steady income, people also have this common misconception that all government jobs are boring, monotonous and totally uninspiring. According to the common knowledge, these jobs are meant for laidback, who have less adventurous side to them. While a little bit of this true as well, there are jobs which are exception to this thinking. Here are 10 government jobs that are not only cool but also pay well:

Foreign Ambassador or Foreign Secretary

If you are a wanderlust who loves to explore new places, cultures and people, then a job in the ministry of external affairs is the best bet for you. Foreign ambassadors lead one of the most glamorous lives in all government jobs and have the opportunity to visit not one but many countries in their lifetime, and that too free of cost.  What more you get paid for it, and that too handsomely.

Radio Jockey at All India Radio

If you are an owner of a good voice then you can use this god gift for earning an exciting government job in the form of radio jockey. Surprised? You must have thought that radio jockeys are only found in private radio stations. However, when there was no private radio station in India, even before FM radio became mainstream All India Radio delivered hit radio shows on its channels like FM Rainbow and FM Gold. FM Rainbow channel was launched in 1993, before any other private radio channel was on the scene.  Thus, the concept of Radio Jockey was pioneered by All India Radio itself, and therefore it is a matter of pride to become a Radio Jockey at AIR.  Thus, if you want to entertain a billion people out there with your voice and simultaneously desire a career with the government, then the best chance is applying to a radio jockey job in AIR.  

Spy in RAW or IB

Most of us who have watched a spy movie like James Bond or a desi TV series like Jasoos Vijay must have thought at least once about becoming a spy, doing incredible stuff for the country, playing with the latest gadgets and tech toys, driving high-tech cars and solving great mysteries. Did you know the government has a specific agency which hires the sharpest minds and fittest human for carrying out covert missions and secret tasks? Plus, now a day’s these detective minds also get paid handsomely and have film based on them. (read Ek Tha Tiger). Needless to say, to become a true detective or spy you need to have a superlative analytical ability and fitness. There is absolutely no replacement for a sharp eyesight, listening and observation power and supreme fitness.


Most of us have grown up watching the inimitable CID serial, the quinitissential ACP Pradyuman and his sidekicks like Daya. However, the roles and responsibilities of a CID officer are much more intelligent than shown in the serial. Plus, it should be noted that CID or Criminal Investigation Department is totally independent of the police. These are specially trained officer who handle special cases. The CID is a creation of the Britishers, who setup this department formally back in 1906. Within CID there are two divisions, Crime Branch CID and Special Branch CID. The CB CID has further bifurcations such as Forensics Department, Anti-human rights trafficking cell, Narcotics department, Dog Squads which come to rescue on different occasions. The basic eligibility to apply to a Assistant Sub Inspector post in CID is 10+2.  For officer level positions one need to complete at least graduation.


How about exploring the remains of Aryan civilization, finding our glorious past, and unveiling the mysteries of historical importance? If mythology or history are your passion, becoming an archaeologist with the Archaeological Survey of India, is the right choice for you. ASI is headquartered in Delhi and is the main agency of executing excavation, conservation and maintenance of around 3,500 protected sites and monuments in India.  Recruitment of archaeologists to the ASI takes place through entrance exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.  The central government decides the pay levels which are upgraded every now and then through pay commissions. There are around 25 universities across the country that offers archaeological courses at the postgraduate level.

Forest Officer

If nature and natural habitats seem to attract you, and you find an irresistible attraction towards flora and fauna then a career as forest officer is made for you. As a forest ranger or officer, you are responsible for safeguarding the forests from illegal cutting and poaching of forest animals and trees. One must remember that this job is not for the ones who seek glamour and limelight, these government jobs are only for people who think and care for the other part of the living world. Nevertheless, there is tough competition in this field as well, with thousands of applicants vying for limited positions.
 You have to go through a rigorous testing process that involves written tests and interviews spread throughout a time period of almost one year. A person aspiring to be a forest officer must have apt amount of self-discipline, patience, confidence, sympathetic nature and burning desire to serve the nature.

Author Bio- Saurabh Tyagi is a blogger and a professional career author with proven expertise in writing for topics related to jobs, job trends, different job opportunities, various workplace and industry information, tips and strategies for job seekers.

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